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You are cordially invited to be a part of the Flawless: Hug the Earth Cart Sale & Hunt which will take place on the Flawless Sim from From April 11 – 27, 2014!  Please feel free to tell your designer friends about this event! The more the merrier!

Flawless Hug The Earth Poster copy

THIS EVENT HAS 2 PARTS: The Sale and the Hunt. You can choose to be in both OR the sale only. Hunt items must be FREE.  (*Sale items and hunt items are to be placed on the FLAWLESS sim during the time of the event).


Create one (or more) NEW and EXCLUSIVE item(s) for the sale that will be sold for 50L. This item MUST be placed in a special vendor that will be given to you so that all exclusive items are easily identifiable. All other items on the cart can be normal store inventory and can be priced how you choose, however, newer or exclusive items always sell better as well as items that are marked down so that the customer feels they are getting a bargain. **The better your item, the more you will sell and the more money you will make!

*Each designer will be able to place 10 Prims + the Special Exclusive Vendor + your store logo. In addition, if you are participating in the hunt, you can place the hunt item. You will be given a GLOBE in your designer pack to use for your hunt item. They can be placed on or around your cart. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THEM SMALLER (though you can make them larger if you like).

***!!!*** (You may place up to 5 exclusive items and 5 hunt items and the prims will not count against the 10 you get for your cart.)

HUNT ITEMS MUST BE SET FOR SALE FOR 0L – FREE!!! Any hunt items that are set for sale for more than 0L will be returned.

*** Grab your cart/begin setup April 7, at 5pm SLT.

EXCLUSIVE ITEM – an item that is not for sale anywhere else during the time of the event and has never been sold by you or given away by you previously. It must be new and must be sold for 50L. It CAN be an old item in a new and never-released-before color.

All items are to fit neatly ON your cart. The only exception is the special 50L exclusive vendor which may be placed on the ground beside your cart. There are not to be any prims sticking out too much on the cart and none of them can be off of the cart. You may not completely cover your cart with prims to hide it. Also, please DO NOT USE SCRIPTED ITEMS ON THE CART unless you have discussed this with me first. Scripted vendors must be approved for use. Any other scripted items will be returned. NO FLOATING TEXT…PERIOD!


During the event there will be a hunt on the sim. Every person will be given a GLOBE to place at your cart (or around it). You may use any item for your hunt item as long as that item is a good representation of something that hunters might find in your store. The GLOBE should sell the CONTENTS only for 0L.

There are two options for this event. They are as follows:

FLAT FEE: You can pay a flat fee of $2000L to participate in this event. In this case, you do not have to use a split script in any of your items. Refunds will not be given unless there are some extreme circumstances. So please choose this option wisely.

SPLIT PROFITS: You can add a 30% split script to ALL of your vendors. This means ALL vendors. You will get 70% of sales and the other 30% goes to Kira Paderborn. If you choose this option, you will be provided with a script to use. Scripts will be checked so please make sure that every box has the scripts in and that they are working. There are specific directions that must be followed for the scripts. If you do not think you can follow the directions, please choose the flat fee option.

Kira Paderborn
Owner: Style by Kira on the Flawless sim

Please visit this page to apply for a spot in this event!  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QY8sBKGAraME8JIAgSd76V9CYnay5hnHZ1yXthMBefM/viewform


If you would like to blog this event, please fill out the following application.  If you are approved, you will become a part of the permanent blog pool for the Flawless Sim events which take place every other month.  To be removed from the list, simply contact Kira Paderborn.  If you would like to blog for either Style by Kira or Corrupted Innocence, please use the same application.  Thanks!  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LnokCQ4dsp-lCt6gsUSR3dwyESTj-bODreulyqIc7qc/viewform


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